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10:09 pm

BPO Site Is Live!

What you will find in this page:

  • Overview
  • System Requirements
  • Accessing Software
  • Play Money Games
  • Registering for a Tournament with screenshots
  • Blind Schedule
  • Payout
  • Features Coming
  • 1/18/17 Update Information

The *NEW* Bar Poker Open Site is now live for the first time with a TON of exciting features that will only add more fun, and more excitement to our community online! Things have changed a bit, so please make sure to read this document to avoid confusion.

  • Full Featured Software
    Aside from just the Weekly Qualifiers, there will be play money ring games, sit n go tournaments, play money tournaments,  heads up tables, and much more coming!
  • Mobile Friendly Design
    Play directly in your browser, no downloads or apps required.
  • New Customization Features
    Including Table Skins, Card Skins, Create Default betting buttons/actions, Animations/Sound
  • Play Money Tables
    Learn the software and challenge fellow bar league players using 200 play money chips before/during/after playing in the tournaments! Sit N Go’s, Ring Games, Heads Up Matches, are all at your disposal with play money.
  • Even More Coming Soon
    We built a fully functional poker site within 30 days.  Even though we are live, there are some “nice to have” features that have not yet been finished.  At the base of this article is a full list of features we plan to have added.  BPO and this site is always improving and evolving, so we also appreciate other feedback from players after their experience.
  • Customer Service
    If you need BPO Online Poker customer service, email Qualify@BarPokerOpen.com
    We also invite player feedback, because we now have the ability to tweak and customize this software much more than our last.

When building the software, we created this in HTML5 and in a “mobile first” design because a very large percentage of our players were using their phones or tablets.  The design is clean, simple, and easy to navigate and can be used on a phone, computer, or tablet.

The poker site uses a lot of data and a decent amount of system resources, so we have found most players to have the best experience on a phone that is less than 2 years old or a computer and you only try to access with a strong WiFi Signal, do not use 3G/4G.

  • Computer System Requirements
    • Try to use a computer that is 5 Years old or newer with a strong and stable connection.  3G/4G Cell signals are not recommended because of their inconsistency and slow speed.
  • Mobile Device – All devices are supported.
    • Your best experience will still be on a Newer Computer with a strong network connection.
    • If you want to use a phone, test it on the play money games ahead of time.
    • Do not use a 3G/4G Data Connection for any poker site.  A phone data connection is not stable and can often disconnect.
    • We have experienced no issues with mobile devices 2 years old or newer.
  • Browser – All browsers are supported on our software.
    • We recommend Google Chrome for this site and browsing in general.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge we have found to have problems on our site or websites in general.  They are terrible browsers.


This is different as before.

  • Players still must sign in through their accounts at  https://barpokeropen.com/auth/login
  • This is also found by going to the top right red button on our home page that says “log in”
  • When you log in, you will see a red button at the Top Right  to “Access Poker Site”
  • See below on new steps to register for the tournament

If you Log Out by accident, or get disconnected, you must go back through your player dashboard to log in!

There are two types of currency in the software, play money and tokens.

  • Play money games are for fun and you only win play money.
    We will have cash games, sit n gos, heads up challenges, and eventually scheduled tournaments available just for fun.
  • Token games are where you win tokens or seats into our National Championship, or special events.
    Token games are the only way to win prizes and the only way to earn tokens is in the bars!

You can no longer register for a tournament in the BPO Dashboard.  You will have to click the “Access Poker Site” button and then find the tournament you are looking for.  Do not click the Play Now Button, that is a shortcut that is not live yet.

Below is a list of screenshots to find the tournaments this weekend, this will be the same process for when we start the Weekly National Championship Qualifiers next week as well:


Home ScreenTournament Lobby



When you go to “Ring Games” or “Sit N Gos” you can practice playing on the site against others.  The best time to do this is the morning prior to our qualifiers.

Sit&Gos are available for "Play Money" have some fun competing against fellow league players on a different format!

Cash Games Can Be Played as well for "play money". Play money has no cash value, but it will be a fun way to compete against eachother in a new format!


1 10 20
2 15 30
3 25 50
4 50 100
5 75 150
6 100 200
7 150 300 25
8 200 400 50
9 250 500 50
10 300 600 75
11 400 800 100
12 500 1000 100
13 600 1200 150
14 800 1600 200
15 1000 2000 300
16 1200 2400 400
17 1500 3000 400
18 2000 4000 500
19 2500 5000 500
20 3000 6000 750
21 4000 8000 1000
22 5000 10000 1000
23 6000 12000 1500
24 8000 16000 2000
25 10000 20000 3000
26 12000 24000 4000
27 15000 30000 4000
28 20000 40000 5000
29 25000 50000 7500
30 30000 60000 7500
31 40000 80000 10,000
32 50000 100000 10000
32 60000 120000 15000
33 80000 160000 20000
34 100000 200000 30000



“Step 1 : Virtual Bar” tournaments are a virtual version of the BPO Sanctioned bar games but against our entire Bar Poker Open Community!  These are a great way to compete against fellow league players and get comfortable on the software.
Usually held on Saturdays, Top 3 Win A Token to the “Step 2: $200K National Championship Qualifiers”

“Step 2 : $200K National Championship Qualifiers” are weekly only championships with a ton of prizes on the line!   Once come in the Top 3 at your local bar hosting our events, you get a “token” to participate in these games.  Tokens do not expire, so use them when you are ready.
Usually held on Sundays, First Place wins a Vegas Package and Approximately the Top 5% Win A Seat To the $200,000 National Championship.

First Place:  Las Vegas Travel Package
Includes: 4 Nights Hotel, $400 Airfare/Travel Reimbursement, and Seat into the $200K Championship

1 – 300 Entrants:  Top 10 Win a $200,000 Nationals Seat
301 – 400 Entrants: Top 15 Win a $200,000 Nationals Seat
401 – 500 Entrants: Top 20 Win a $200,000 Nationals Seat501 – 600 Entrants: Top 25 Win a $200,000 Nationals Seat
5 Seats are given out for every 100 Players

Multiple Seats
After winning a seat, players are still welcome to play for the First Place Vegas Package but do not win “more seats”.
– 2nd seat will win you a full apparel package to pick up in Las Vegas at the June 2017 Event
– Players that win Multiple Vegas Packages can win $400 spending money for each additional “First Place”.

10 Seats To Vegas!
Players that win 10 Seats from July 3 – May 14 will win a full Vegas Package from us.  If it is your second package, we will give you $400 spending money in Vegas.

Lots of great things happened this week for online game and we tested them today to really “hone in” the game play.

Table View, “Lobby Button” Link
Now goes to active tournament lobby to see chip counts quicker. Before it was going to the Tournament Listings, making it hard to find the chip-counts quickly. Then player clicks green pay to get right back to table. Tested in both mobile data plans, mobile wifi, and PC.

Pre-action buttons all working properly, and more added:
This will speed up play tremendously.
– Check
– Call
– Check/Fold
– Check/Call
– Raise

“Replay Game” Button
Moved to top menu so cards are not covered for players in the top left seat using a phone.

“Time Bank” button
Previously the design looked like a button so players thought they could click for “more time”. Changed to tell players the time left and the time bank is not a button it is automatic.

*Game Play Settings*
We spent a lot of time to tweak the game play settings today. We substantially shortened the delay for players to decide whether they want to show their cards from 8 sec to 4 sec. Even if auto-muck is turned on, it still takes that delay. This will shorten players time to “show their cards” but definitely shorten the delay from hand to hand.

Results Time has been shortened from 5 sec to 1 sec.
We went through about 100 hands today and it was good and really speeds up play without being to fast for users to see winner.

Animation Turned “On” By Default
I was worried about the site using too much data with animation turned on, but the updates have been very good in making that better so I am comfortable turning it back on. This allows players to see chips go to players and get the fun flop animations.

1-2 Second Lag for iPad Safari Users
This seemed to have been fixed after multiple tests on iPhone and iPads on both data and wifi.

Data-Wifi and Wifi-Data
Notification buttons are now clearer for users who are disconnected from one type of connection to another.


More Features Coming

  • Payouts.
    The payouts are blank because we do not give online payouts, we give tournament seats or tokens.  We are working on a payout system that syncs with the Bar Poker Open Dashboards with Tokens and Seats.
  • League Logos as Avatars.
    Players will all have their league logo as avatars so you will know where the competition comes from at every table.
  • Play Money Options.
    We will be elaborating and embracing the play money feature more and more to make our online community more fun to play on.
  • Folded Quick-view.
    For all of us that are dying to recall what they folded quickly without hitting replay… we are working on that as well.  In the meantime check out the replay feature, it’s pretty slick.

Please report any issues or comments to qualify@barpokeropen.com.
That is by far, the most reliable and fastest way to get a rapid response during tournaments.
Do not post in the comments section here, comments are not monitored.

Thank you again for being a part of this incredible poker community, enjoy the games and see you all in Vegas!